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CEO Blog: New framework to shape the future as one team, one council, one city

The introduction of the Staff Governance Committee has been an important step in putting our workforce at the heart of our plans for the Council.  

If you don’t already follow the business of this committee, I’d recommend keeping up to date with reports. There is some very innovative work being done that will shape the way we all work.  

Next week’s Staff Governance Committee agenda is a very good example of that. A Workforce Plan will be considered by Councillors and trade union colleagues when the committee meets on Tuesday, June 18. Papers have been published and are available online.  

The Workforce Plan describes the vision for our workforce of the future.  A key part of this is the Capability Framework which sets out how we will develop each individual so that, collectively, we are able to deliver the seven organisational capabilities needed for transformation.  This is a significant piece of work that will benefit every employee and my thanks go to Isla Newcombe and her team for the diligent work in bringing this to fruition. 

In simple terms, the Capability Framework lists the skills, knowledge and behaviours that we need from every single employee. The framework is structured into four levels, which reflect increasing levels of responsibility. But while the knowledge and skills required by employees increase with the level of responsibility they hold, the behaviours remain the same at all levels. I’m as responsible for these as you are.

The Capability Framework will give us clarity and direction for our own personal and career development. The results will provide an oversight of the talent held across the organisation, which means we can develop an increasingly agile and flexible approach to managing and moving talent.  

Subject to the committee’s endorsement, the framework will also be used to significantly enhance our approach to performance review. We recognise the PR&D system needs to evolve and the creation of the framework will enhance the way we manage performance and foster a culture where behaviour has equal weight to skills and knowledge.   At the same time, revisions have been made to PR&D which remove the link between absence and increment, in line with our new Supporting Attendance policy and our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our workforce.   

The wider Workforce Plan will enable us to respond to the existing challenges we face and those coming down the line as the size and shape of the Council continues to evolve. It will be of great benefit as we adapt to better meet the needs of all those we serve whilst ensuring staff have the capability, confidence and capacity to deliver the crucial services we provide to the city.  

The report to the Staff Governance Committee is about far more than words on a screen – it’s about building the Council of the Future and the role we all have to play in that. It’s an exciting time for the organisation and the support we’re seeing from all corners of the Council is playing a huge part in the momentum that’s building.  

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