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The Transformation Trolley

It’s the end of week two of the Transformation Trolley roadshow. This week we’ve been at Kittybrewster talking to Building Services and Altens to talk to the Office Based staff and our refuse loaders. We’d like to thank everyone who stopped by to say hello!

Next week (wc 2 Sept) we’ll be at the central library Monday/Tuesday  and Rosemount Community Centre Thursday afternoon.

Where do you want us to go next? Get in touch and let us know!

Thanks to your feedback we’ve updated the Trolley Itinerary and added more venues! Keep letting us know where you want to see the Trolley and we’ll get there. 

What's on the trolley?

There is a new Capability Framework for all employees

PR&D is changing

A new Learning Academy for your development needs

A new We CARE charter sets out for our customers what they can expect from us. 

Coming to a venue near you!

The trolley will visit the following workplaces all day. Click each location to find out what time colleagues from People Development will be there to answer any questions. 

More dates and venues to follow. Want the Transformation Trolley to visit your workplace? Contact us:

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