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Chief Officer – Early Intervention and Community Empowerment blog: Engagement on transformation

Hi everyone, 

I’ve created a survey that I invite everyone in my cluster to take 5 minutes to complete, which will help gauge how we are doing and what we need to improve. Colleagues in the Early Intervention and Community Empowerment can access the survey below:

This blog and accompanying webcast are about engaging with you as we move to establish the Target Operating Model by March 2021. 

Over the past year the Council has taken some significant steps towards realising this model. Our commissioning intentions have been established, we are actively reviewing demand on services – both internal and external – so that we are making the best use of our resources, and we have engaged productively with Microsoft for our digital transformation programme, a first for a Scottish Local Authority.

Residents and communities in the City remain at the heart of all of this activity, and ensuring that you all have the culture, tools and processes needed to do your best work is of critical importance as we finalise our operating model.

Over the next few weeks, along with our Senior Management Team of Fiona, Kay and Neil, I’ll be engaging with colleagues across Early Intervention and Community Empowerment  to discuss their thoughts and opinions on how we will work in the future. Previous engagement has identified areas they felt needed to be improved, reduced or stopped; and changes to working environments that they felt needed to be adopted. 

Wherever you work in the Council, we have a real opportunity to make a step change in the services we offer, using your knowledge and experience combined with more detailed data intelligence than we have ever had. So let’s think about the people we serve and be as ambitious for them as we are for ourselves.



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