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A New Approach to Recruitment

Our new approach to internal recruitment and internal movement of staff was approved by Elected Members at last week’s Staff Governance Committee.  Your help is needed to choose a name for this new approach! 


Why is the approach to recruitment changing?

As you may know, there has been a bigger focus on internal recruitment, rather than external recruitment in recent years. This is because the type of jobs we need and the nature of the work we do is changing, and we want to retain and develop our internal workforce to meet the needs of our evolving organisation.  So in future the focus will be on matching the skills and talent of our existing employees to areas of increased growth and demand.

What does this mean for us as employees? 

The new approach to recruitment means that we as employees will be able to move more flexibly between roles across the organisation, leading to development opportunities, varied careers and greater job satisfaction.

For recruiting managers, it means you’ll be able to recruit based on more than just technical capabilities. The approach focuses on an employee’s overall ‘fit’ to a role, including their working preferences and behaviours as well as transferable skills and knowledge. 

How does it work? 

  • A new talent pool will be used to match people to jobs based on their ‘fit’ to roles
  • Anyone can join the pool at any time – complete your profile and submit your self-assessment, including the new Capability Framework. 
  • People will be notified when they have a potential match to a job and will be invited to decide whether they wish to consider the role and progress to interview 
  • Employees on redeployment, or at risk of displacement, will be prioritised.
  • There will be support with learning and development for employees matched to opportunities to ensure a successful transition to the new role. 

The Talent Acquisition team has a shortlist of potential names but they need your help to choose the final name. Complete the questionnaire to share what you think it should be called.

And if you are interested in staying up to date on the talent pool, email the Talent Acquisition team. 

To read the background to this new approach to recruitment, you can read the full committee report.

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