Guiding Principles

PR&D is changing to CR&D…..

First things, first! What is does this mean?

Through engagement on creating the Guiding Principles, you said you wanted to feel informed, trusted, recognised, supported and valued for your role within Aberdeen City Council.  You said that you wanted to know where the organisation is going, to feel proud of the contribution you make to the city and to feel supported and encouraged to achieve your objectives. 

To help us achieve this, there is a new approach to PR&D (Performance Review and Development)… 

  • The old system was built around an annual review of your performance and objectives.  
  • The new approach will move toward a focus on continuous performance improvement – achieved through regular one-to-ones between your line manager and yourself.

This new approach has been developed based on feedback from employees and is called 

Continuous Review & Development

What will you experience? 

  • A move to more regular 1-to1 conversations
  • Clarity on your role within ACC
  • Ownership of your own objectives
  • A new online portal where you can keep track and update your objectives (whenever you like)
  • A focus on making things better for our customers
  • Recognition and appreciation for good work
  • Encouragement to develop skills and knowledge and to share your ideas

What next?

The approach also uses a new self-assessment, where we look at the knowledge, skills and behaviours required by each of our Guiding Principles and plan our development.

The self-assessment will be available soon and more details will be published in the next few weeks.  

In the meantime managers will soon be talking to their teams about the roll-out of the new system and more details will be published when they are available.


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