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Looking for a new opportunity or change of direction within Aberdeen City Council?

Our employees are our most important asset.  We value the skills and knowledge you bring to Aberdeen City Council every day and we want you to be able to develop your career – right here at the council. 

Our new focus on internal recruitment will help you achieve this.   

As vacancies and opportunities occur, we will look at more than just the qualifications, skills and experience required to do a job.  We are also interested in a person’s potential and ‘fit’ to a role and where there are any gaps, how these could be developed on the job to meet the needs of the role.   It’s the perfect opportunity for you to develop your career. 

If this is of interest to you, all you need to do is …. register your interest or ask to receive updates at RE.CR.UIT: Sign up! 

You can also email the Talent Acquisition Team with any questions you have. 

Since the approach was approved last month (read A New Approach to Recruitment  – for more details on this), we have been running a short survey to ask you what you think it should be called and we’d like to thank everyone who took part.   

Whether you chose one of the options on offer or whether you offered a separate suggestion all feedback has been greatly appreciated.…. 

And now for the results – 40% of those who took part chose the name  RE.CR.UIT – Retaining Employees. Changing Roles. Using Internal Talent.   

One of our respondents suggested ‘Leopard’ – and a strapline of ‘a leopard can change its spots’.  The Project Team love this, so we will incorporate this into the name and logo. 

We will also be compiling a list of FAQs, which you may feel useful, so if you have any questions you want to ask please let us know at the email above.   

There are also a number of drop in sessions over the next couple of weeks where you can find out more.

  • Wed 20 Nov – 1pm-2pm – Marischal College Room 4W-01
  • Thursday 21 Nov – 12pm-2pm – Marischal College Room 4W-01
  • Mon 25 November – 7.30am – Kittybrewster
  • Wednesday 4 Dec – 7.30am – Tullos (Training Room) 
  • Tuesday 10 Dec – 2.30pm – Altens (Canteen – please note change of time)

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  1. By the way, the saying is, “a leopard CAN’T change it’s spots!” Which is the exact opposite from the suggestion you want to project.

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