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PR&D on CoreHR – almost here!

Getting started with Continuous Review and Development 

Have you heard about our new approach to PR&D – Continuous Review and Development? 

Very soon when you log into CoreHR, alongside checking your pay and updating your personal details, you’ll also be able to manage your own performance and development, through the CR&D tab: 

What can I do on CoreHR?

  • Add, edit and manage your own objectives
  • Complete your Capability Framework at the level that’s been assigned to your role (see below)
  •  Add notes and actions from one-to-one meetings
  • Focus and plan your development

When can I get started??

From Monday 11th November, people working in Level 3 roles (see below) will see a new tab called CR&D (Continuous Review and Development) when they log into CoreHR. 

This means that our managers can be ready to support their teams to access CR&D when it becomes available to people working in Level 2 and Level 1 roles on the 2nd of December.

What are the four different levels of the Capability Framework?

Aberdeen City Council has almost 1000 different job roles. They have all now been mapped against the four levels of our capability framework. Take a look below and see 

Level One

This is the first level of the Capability Framework. It applies to our office workers, frontline workers and manual workers, who do not have specific responsibility for managing others. 

We have 300 jobs that fall into this category.

Level One (practical) 

60 of the jobs at level one don’t involve easy access to a computer for work purposes. So to make it easier for these colleagues to complete the capability framework, we have created a self-assessment for practical workers.

Level Two

Jobs that fall into this category have a higher level of responsibility or complexity in the role. They may involve responsibility for people, projects, budgets or buildings.

We have 502 jobs that fall into this category. 

Level Three

Jobs at this level involve responsibility for leading service delivery and / or managing managers.

We have 165 jobs that fall into this category

Level Four

Jobs at this level involve strategic responsibility for the whole organisation and city,.

We have 20 job roles that fall into this category

 You can find out more about the story of building the new approach to Continuous Review and Development by clicking through the posts below. 

What questions do you have? We need your questions to help build really useful guidance webpages and videos.

Guiding Principles

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Guiding Principles

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