Come and meet the bot

Another step in our digital journey, we are working with our Digital Partner Microsoft to introduce Chatbots to Aberdeen City Council.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is assistive technology that aims to help users to complete tasks or obtain the information they are looking for through a conversational style of engagement. Chatbot services are designed to interact with users in a similar way that mimics how humans would naturally interact in a conversation.

Chatbots vary greatly in their abilities. They can be very simple and provide answers or directions to obtain information or they can be integrated with a wide range of systems to provide more detailed and personal answers to a user’s queries.

What’s more is that chatbots can have their own personalities. They can reflect a more formal and direct approach or be designed to be chattier and more informal.

What makes a great bot?

A great chatbot is one that you want to use! One that helps you find the information you’re looking for and helps you complete what you want to do in a simple and straightforward manner.

What can a chatbot do for you?

A chatbot is available 24/7 with instant responses. It will answer queries and signpost to further information.

Come and meet the Aberdeen City Council Bot! 

Come along to our sessions being held on Wednesday 27 November – we will showcase examples of chatbots in practice, maybe you have ideas of where chatbots could help us?

We are also looking for employees to get involved with some upcoming testing with the bot!

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