Appreciative Inquiry – staff recognition

What is the remit of the working group?

As part of embedding the Guiding Principles into our culture, the Apprecitative Inquiry Working Group will explore through consultation and collaboration how colleagues want to be valued and recognised for a job well done. The group will research best practice in this area, listen to the views of colleagues to understand what this would look like in the organisation.

The group will work together utilising the Appreciative Inquiry model to develop recommendations and report on how colleagues can better value each other and embed this within the culture of Aberdeen City Council.

Employee Recognition: “Value: We value each other and recognise a job well done.”

We will be looking at: 

  • How do we currently do this well and how we can do more of it?  
  • How can we better value each other?
  • How we can embed this principle within our culture.

How can members of staff help & get involved?

The working group are in the process of setting up sessions throughout the organisation for members of staff to attend.  

The staff who attend will discuss, what in terms of staff recognition is being done well, and can be taken forward and built on.  Leading on from that discussion the sessions will also look at seeking additional ideas on how we can recognise colleagues – e.g. “in an ideal world, what could we do to recognise & value our staff?”

Thinking without boundaries, without any reasons to stop the idea from happening, let your imagination run free and think of what you would want to see in terms of staff recognition and making staff feel valued. 

For those who cannot attend a session in person, there are digital forms below that will allow you put forward your views and your ideas.  

Office 365 questionnaire- Staff Recognition (Office format). Please complete this form if you have access to Microsoft Office. 

Google questionnarie  – Staff Recognition (Google format) alternative format.  

What happens next?

On completion of the staff consultation a report will be presented to the corporate management team based on the ideas & recommendations from staff.

The report will help to shape how we recognise staff across the Council and how we as an organisation can make all staff members feel valued. 


Our Timeframe 

The report is due for completion by December 2019. 

The aim is to work in an agile manner on this project, to avoid any loss of momentum and to ensure that the ideas & recommendations that are brought forward are in a position to be discussed and ultimately implemented sooner rather than later. 

Get involved

If you have any queries or would like more information  please contact Pauline Wilkinson or Gordon McDade and they will respond to your enquiry. 

In the meantime please either attend a session or fill in one of the digital forms above. We want to ensure that as many members of staff as possible contribute to this project.  This is everyone’s chance to shape how Aberdeen City Council staff are recognised in the future and how the Council will work to ensure that each and every member of staff feels valued.