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PR&D is changing to CR&D…..

First things, first! What is does this mean? Through engagement on creating the Guiding Principles, you said you wanted to feel informed, trusted, recognised, supported and valued for your role within Aberdeen City Council.  You said that you wanted to know where the organisation is going, to feel […]

A New Approach to Recruitment

Our new approach to internal recruitment and internal movement of staff was approved by Elected Members at last week’s Staff Governance Committee.  Your help is needed to choose a name for this new approach! Why is the approach to recruitment changing? As you may know, there has been a […]

CoreHR Launch

As part of our Digital Journey within the Transformation Programme, we would like to introduce the next phase of the rollout of CoreHR. What to Expect? As part of the initial rollout of CoreHR, you can change your personal data and electronic payslips can already be viewed in CoreHR.  The introduction of your new payslips was the […]

The Transformation Trolley

It’s the end of week two of the Transformation Trolley roadshow. This week we’ve been at Kittybrewster talking to Building Services and Altens to talk to the Office Based staff and our refuse loaders. We’d like to thank everyone who stopped by to say hello! Next week (wc […]

PR&D is changing …

Through feedback you said you wanted PR&D to: Be easily accessible and straightforward to use Use plain language Provide real clarity of what’s expected Focus on the future Promote ongoing meaningful conversations throughout the year Be employee-led – encouraging self-reflection and self-management What you can expect to see […]