Staff Engagement 3

Commissioning Skills Audit

Update – we are currently experiencing issues with the email receipt of individual responses.   While we have removed the option to send a copy of the responses to your inbox please be reassured you will receive your responses once the survey deadline has passed.

As a new function it is important to identify our strengths, recognise existing skills and identify areas of expertise where colleagues can share their knowledge and experience with others.  These skills and expertise will enable us as a function to provide an effective and efficient service to our customers.

To help identify our strengths and areas of expertise please complete the skills audit by clicking on each of the five buttons above.  The first four surveys correspond to the stages of the Commissioning cycle. The core skills survey contains a number of core skills which are applicable to all stages of the cycle.  Please ensure you complete and submit all five surveys.  The deadline for all completed submissions is Wednesday 13th of March 201

To explore each stage of the commissioning cycle and the underpinning concepts please select the images above.  The full Commissioning Framework is also available here.

If you have any questions regarding this skills audit please contact Lorraine Illingworth x3874, Sacha Will x2021 or Mel Mackenzie 01224 664825.