Engagement Ambassadors

Introducing your Engagement Ambassadors

We are a group of employees from all over the organisation who have volunteered to become Engagement Ambassadors throughout the Transformation programme. We have volunteered because we are keen to represent the voice of you, our colleagues and peers.

What we’ve done so far

  • We have monthly meetings with the Senior Leadership team, where we have raised questions that our teams have asked and shared the answers with our teams.
  • We provided feedback about the layout and content of the Transformation hub that has led to the ongoing improvements you can see today.
  • We created a separate focus group set up to improve communication and engagement for staff in-scope for Business Services
  • Some of us have taken part in the recruitment for Chief Officer posts, as part of the staff panel.
  • The idea for the Your Questions  page came from Ideas Hub, we got it started by populating it with the rumours and questions we got from our teams

What we expect to do moving forward

  • Update you on key decisions
  • Digest information and present/take it back to you in a way that you’ll find useful
  • Signpost you to information and support
  • Gather your questions and concerns and bring them up with senior managers
  • We’ll be a point of contact that you can speak to and ask questions about Transformation

The role of the Engagement Ambassadors will evolve as the programme continues. So we’ll need your feedback to make sure the group is as useful as possible.

NB – The Engagement Ambassadors is an informal network of colleagues and peers, with whom you can have a confidential chat, anonymously raise questions or provide feedback. The opinions of the engagement ambassadors are their own.

Who is my local Engagement Ambassador?

The table on the left shows the breakdown of Engagement Ambassadors by new Function and Cluster. Is your area of the council missing or under-represented? Would you like to join the Ambassadors or nominate someone that you think would like to represent the views of their colleagues? Let us know by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

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