To transform Aberdeen City Council and develop a culture where everyone feels connected to our purpose and each other, we are shaking things up… 

In Autumn 2018, over 2000 of us took part in a campaign to change the way we work. We looked at the aims and outcomes of the transformation programme, then shared our ideas about how we wanted to experience work…

From this a set of Guiding Principles have been built.

These have been created by us – the people of Aberdeen City Council – and for us, to guide the way we work, the way we behave with each other and make sure we all have the same understanding of what it means to work here. 

If you click into each of the Guiding Principles, you’ll find some suggested behaviours of what each one looks like (but also what it doesn’t look like) in practice. These suggestions have come from the feedback from over 1000 of us, so many of you will identify your own thoughts and voices in there.

This is what our people have said they need and want in order to thrive in work. But it’s also what the organisation needs from us to transform.

Want to get involved?

The Guiding Principles belong to all of us. If you want more purpose, pride, teamworking, trust and appreciation – it starts with you. We are all just one person, but if we all start making just small differences in the way we behave, it leads to a huge difference. So reflect on the Guiding Principles and their indicators and think to yourself – what’s the one thing I could start doing that might lead to a change? And if you wanted to make an even bigger impact…

Stay up to speed with upcoming events and opportunities to roll-out the Guiding Principles. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and enter your email address.

Be the voice of the organisation – take part in pulse checks, surveys and focus groups.

If you totally love this stuff and want to gets hands on in the planning, roll-out and at events for the Guiding Principles – then register your interest and tell us what role you’d like to play! 

People Development will visit your team meeting and facilitate a development session around the Guiding Principles.

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