Corporate Letter Templates

Are you aware of ‘Digital Nudge’ techniques? These can be small ways organisations can change how their customers interact with their services.  Namely, encouraging customers to interact with them using available digital solutions e.g. online forms, ChatBots, Web Chat and more. Our online services offer our customers quick and […]

We CARE Charter & Commitments

It’s Here! In our post on 5 July 2019, we advised that we would be launching further engagement on the draft We CARE Charter & Commitments.  And we begin here! We would like to ask you to now take some time to reflect on the responsibilities and commitments outlined in […]

PR&D is changing …

Through feedback you said you wanted PR&D to: Be easily accessible and straightforward to use Use plain language Provide real clarity of what’s expected Focus on the future Promote ongoing meaningful conversations throughout the year Be employee-led – encouraging self-reflection and self-management What you can expect to see […]

We CARE Charter & Commitments

In the coming weeks we will begin a staff engagement campaign to inform staff of, and invite reflection on, our refreshed Customer Service Charter, now referred to as the We CARE Charter & Commitments.  We have worked closely with People & Organisation to ensure a strong relationship between […]