Leading People Through Uncertainty

New full-day training course available for managers and anyone responsible for leading change.  Because we all see the world differently, it’s not surprising that we also experience change differently – whether it’s as a challenge to be overcome, something to fear or an opportunity.  And because we all […]

Interim Functional Structure Approved

At Full Council yesterday, Councillors agreed an interim functional structure for the Council. Also agreed was a new second tier management structure. The steps taken to reach this point, the results of the staff consultation exercises, the proposed structure and the roles of the second tier management are all […]

Become an Employee Rep

Many of you will have ideas about how we can help to communicate and engage with all teams through this change journey. If you’ve already been to our Building the Council of the Future events, you will have heard about the Employee Rep Network. We want to ensure […]

Your Attendance So Far

Check out the attendance from your service at the engagement events from the beginning of last week here. More than 1600 people have  now attended the Building the Council of the Future events that are taking place. But we’re also busy arranging roadshows to bring the messages out on […]

Strategic Transformation Committee

A meeting of the first Strategic Transformation Committee took place last week where Group Leaders from all political parties discussed reports and updates for the Transformation Programme. The committee will meet each month to make decisions on how the programme moves forward. Find out more through the monthly […]