Manager’s Role

Transformation: Your Role as a Manager

How to purposefully lead and champion change

Managing the people-side of change can be complex and challenging with the most common obstacles including employee resistance, communication breakdown, leadership support, low engagement and involvement.

As a Manager in Aberdeen City Council, you play a significant role in communicating and implementing the Target Operating Model. You may well be tasked with leading a change you did not instigate or plan. You will be expected to support the implementation and embed the changes within your service and this can be challenging if you do not fully understand the drivers and/or agree with the changes being introduced. It’s possible you might have reservations and concerns for yourself, your team or even the impact on service delivery. You may also be faced with dealing with these thoughts without being able to share them with your teams.

This page is designed to support managers, team leaders and supervisors on how to prepare themselves and their teams to transition through Transformation.

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What does change look like when it’s done well?

  • Managers purposefully seek and initiate improvements and personally embrace and model change in an proactive way
  • Clear information about proposed changes are shared in a timely manner and the reasons for changes are communicated consistently and effectively
  • Managers support people through change, addressing their concerns and involving them in decisions that affect them
  • Managers provide clarity of roles and responsibilities, personally drive the change process and hold people to account for delivery.

How can I develop this capability?

Become familiar with the Target Operating Model, the Transformation Programme and understand the drivers for change Read the full 14-page Target Operating Model report and Appendix A

Find out about our shared promises to the people of Aberdeen in the Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP)

Read all areas of Transformation Hub

Adopt a continuous improvement mind-set and embed this methodology as how we do business Learn the Improvement Methodology through Innovate & Improve
Understand the impact and role of leading and managing change and actively championing change Attend the full-day workshop on Leading People Through Change
Expand your skills and knowledge through ACC’s management development programme, Step on Step up. Or learn at your own pace with the online Learning Academy Step on Step upThe Learning Academy
Evaluate change activity and use the findings as stimulus to improve your approach to change.  Use Improvement Methodology evaluation tools – Innovate & Improve

Supporting Staff with Autism

As a manager, you play a key role in supporting people who may find change particularly challenging.

Understandably some people may feel uneasy and going through a great deal of worry. However there is also many people who due to their disability cannot deal emotionally well with even small day to day changes.  

Click here to find out more about how you can support people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder through change.