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Introducing.... Director of Customer: Andy McDonald

Andy MacDonald joins us from Glasgow City Council where, as Head of Customer & Business Services, he led the award winning ‘Tomorrow’s Support Services’ Transformational Programme to deliver an effective, efficient and customer focussed Customer Service.

Customer: The Teams

Find out more about the teams that will form part of the Customer Function …

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  1. I’m not sure about the wording ‘helping individuals and communities to help themselves’ to me it doesn’t reflect the work that we do and I also feel that it is a tad patronising. I feel that something along the lines of ‘supporting individuals and communities to feel empowered, safe in their communities and have a sense of belonging” would be more appropriate.

    • Hi Ellie, shared your feedback with Andy McDonald, new Director for Customer & his Chief Officers. Here’s what Andy said:

      “Many thanks for sending on the great feedback received. I think the wording was meant to promote the need to reduce demand and allow individuals improved means of self-serve and can see that the wording may need changed until all pages are updated”

      The Customer Function senior management team are currently taking on board your feedback and co-creating new descriptors for the Customer Function and each Cluster. This will soon be published on the Customer Function homepage.

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