Our Digital Journey

“the rate of change has never been so fast….and it will never be this slow again..”

It is clear from the Target Operating Model that Digital will play an important role in how we shape our services moving forward. But what does this mean? 

Digitisation isn’t just about developing digital services. It’s also about introducing digital tools that transform and enhance services across the board in order to change service delivery models and manage resources.

Combining digital tools with historic and real time data and sharing it across different services will have a profound impact on the way the council is run and operated so that we can move from becoming a reactive council to a high performing one.  Digital  tools and solutions will also benefit our customers by empowering them and their communities to become more self-sufficient and play an important role in early intervention and prevention.

A recent survey found that 82% of Scottish adults use the internet daily.  Most of us use some form of digital tech in our everyday lives for buying clothes, food, holidays, cars and homes.  We socialise with our friends and family online.  We can even track our health and sleep using digital tools now.

So why AREN’T public sector services the same??

What will becoming a digital council mean for us as employees? 

Some people think digitising services in the public sector means this…

It’s not about armies robots taking over our jobs. It’s about listening to the strong and growing preference of our customers to have the choice and ability to access our customer focused services online at a time that is convenient to them. Digital can help simplify long, time-consuming, bureacratic processes. Opening up our data will encourage innovation, economic growth and enable early intervention and prevention. It will also provide opportunities for us to enhance our digital skills. 

What might this mean for our customers? 

Sharing data across the organisation which help integrate services and will provide key customer insights which result in better outcomes for our customers. Digital tools such as Chatbots can even support those customers less experienced with online services.This channel shift will allow us to meet and even exceed customers expectations, improve the customer experience and enable self sufficiency. It also means:

  • Enabling more customer feedback through the use of social media and platforms
  • Having a customer facing platform to enable online transactional services
  • Using Mobile Apps and platforms to enhance services and empower customers

Find out more about our aspirations to make Aberdeen a smart city.

So what’s happened so far? 

By embracing digital opportunities and investing in training, we are transforming the way we work and better serving our customers.

An example is our new corporate website, which has made it easier for the public to access information and to use Council services. 

We are rolling out CoreHR, a Human Resources and Payroll system that offers greater self-service capability for staff as well as capturing development needs.

We have moved many of our paper forms online, through a project called Digital First 

And of course there is Office 365, with new online tools to modernize the way we record, share and manage information.

More Digital News

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As part of our Digital Journey within the Transformation Programme, we would like to introduce the next phase of the rollout of CoreHR. What to Expect? As part of the initial rollout of CoreHR, you can change your personal data and electronic payslips can already be viewed in CoreHR.  The introduction of your new payslips was the

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Are you aware of ‘Digital Nudge’ techniques? These can be small ways organisations can change how their customers interact with their services.  Namely, encouraging customers to interact with them using available digital solutions e.g. online forms, ChatBots, Web Chat and more. Our online services offer our customers quick and

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Embracing the opportunities presented by technology is at the heart of our plans for the council of the future and as we build towards that vision there will be lots of different examples of the Council’s digital transformation. Last week I gave an overview of the Being Digital

Digital Partnership on board to help Build the Council of the Future

Another milestone reached in our transformation. A digital partnership has now been engaged to help the Council in it’s journey to become more digital. Local Aberdeenshire company Incremental and international company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) will begin to work with the Council as we continue to improve services for customers.

Digital Council’s & Smart City Tech

This newsfeed will keep you updated on the latest digital services adopted by other UK Councils as well as keep you up to date on the latest Smart City news. Being Digital is all about Partnerships… Aberdeen City Council is among a growing number of Council’s in Scotland