Phases 2-4

Phase 1 of the Council’s transformation involved the movement of the workforce into an interim structure as we transition to a new Target Operating Model.   

Phases 2-4 centre on seven organisational capabilities:

  • Managing demand through prevention and early intervention
  • Being flexible and adaptable
  • Ensuring accountability, transparency and openness
  • Becoming intelligence led
  • Encouraging inclusiveness, engagement and collaboration
  • Achieving consolidation and consistency
  • Focussing on outcomes that make a difference 

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The Council is embracing digital technology, developing a new organisational culture, aligning resource to customer need through commissioning, and streamlining service delivery to meet the financial challenges we face.  

 The key to success is collaboration and partnership working. The input of  individuals and teams will be vital.   

 Updates and opportunities to get involved will be shared regularly through the Transformation Zone, Chief Executive and director blog posts and at engagement events, as well as via your line manager.