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CAPABILITY 1: Managing demand through prevention and early intervention

  • Digitisation of Processes/Transactions   
  • Online Community Platform
  • Migration of Customer Contact
  • Participatory Budgeting  


Digitisation of Processes/Transactions   

This project will implement digital solutions that speed up and simplify transactions for the customer, reduce demands on Council staff, while delivering savings for the Council. Working with employees to understand opportunities for digitising manual processes, or for using smart devices and Artificial Intelligence, we can redesign how we do business. Customer calls and visits to our premises will reduce as more people opt for the ease of automated online contact. Front and back office operations will be integrated, allowing us to rationalise existing systems.   

On-line Community Platform  

This project aims to build an online community platform, linked to Aberdeen City Council’s website, that will provide information about services and promote opportunities for self-service – for example, the paying of bills. Content will be provided by the Council and its partners through the creation of microsites which, by imparting advice and guidance, will help citizens and communities to do more for themselves, making them less constrained by Council processes.    

Migration of Customer Contact   

Customers (internal and external) can struggle to navigate the Council’s complex organisational structure. The perception is that the correct point of contact is not immediately obvious that enquiries are passed between teams/services with no ownership, which leads to missed opportunities with respect to early intervention. This project will migrate customer contact activity (primarily, although not entirely, focused on telephony) into the new Customer function. The aim is to improve access to services, remove duplication, and identify opportunities to eliminate avoidable contact for customers.    

Participatory Budgeting    

This project will give communities more of a say about how and where we spend public money by promoting greater use of Participatory Budgeting (PB). The Council has a commitment to allocate 1% of its revenue budget by PB by 2021 and communities are already involved in directly awarding grants to local organisations. The project will review our revenue streams to identify appropriate budgets for inclusion in PB. In addition, communities will be involved in the design and delivery of services.  

Projects (2)