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CAPABILITY 2: Being flexible and adaptable 

  • Technology and Architecture for Digital Transformation   
  • Agile Working  – Technology   
  • Workforce for the Future   
  • Reward and Recognition
  • 21st Century Public Services

Technology and Architecture for Digital Transformation   

The project will analyse existing hardware and software systems and governance arrangements with a view to creating a core network that is fast, reliable and has enhanced connectivity, using an increased number of “cloud” (online) services to support smarter use of data, greater collaboration and partnership working. It will consider opportunities for combining business systems in a secure way to enhance operational efficiency.    

Agile Working – Technology   

The project aims to deliver technology to help the Council function in a more agile way, enabling staff to work more flexibly, offering access to information anywhere. Individual user profiles will be used to personalise systems. The project will build virtual networks across different parts of the business, using secure online data storage. It will promote new applications in Office 365 that make it easier to record, share and manage information, working from any device at any time, transforming individual and team performance.    

Workforce for the Future    

This project will build a framework that promotes training and development opportunities to help staff succeed in their career as 21st Century public servants. Job profiles will be reviewed to reflect desired Target Operating Model (TOM) behaviours, such as agile working, while employees will be made aware of the vision of the Local Outcome Improvement Plan and how individual and service objectives fit with corporate ones. The current Performance, Review and Development (PR&D) will be overhauled and new selection processes and retention strategies used to ensure the Council attracts the finest talent and has the skills spread needed to serve communities.     

Reward and Recognition    

The Council needs to ensure that it recognises and rewards appropriately for a 21st Century public sector organisation. The project will be progressed in conjunction with staff and trade unions. Offering a more flexible approach could allow employees and managers to select a reward package that suits individual needs and aspirations.    

21st Century Public Services    

This project will build on what we have been doing to reshape the culture in response to the 2016 employee opinion survey. It will implement measures around leadership, engaging managers, employee voice and integrity, which are essential for embedding the Target Operating Model’s organisational capabilities. Together we will reduce the risk of harm, respond to concerns about well-being, and create an attractive, welcoming environment in partnership with our communities.    

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