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CAPABILITY 3: Ensuring accountability, transparency and openness


  • Scheme of Governance
  • CIPFA Governance Accreditation   
  • Employer Accreditation   
  • Customer-centric Accreditation  
  • Leadership and Management Capability

Scheme of Governance   

A Scheme of Governance was approved in March 2018 to support redesign of the Council’s organisational structure. The Scheme – essentially rules for running the Council – will be reviewed annually to facilitate the Transformation Programme and delivery of the Target Operating Model by 2021. In refining the Scheme, consideration will be given to terms of reference for Council committees, powers delegated to officers, and standing orders for Council meetings. This project will bring proper oversight of Council spending against the Local Outcome Improvement Plan through evidence-based planning.     

CIPFA Governance Accreditation     

Aberdeen City Council is aiming to be the first local authority in Scotland to obtain the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) Mark of Excellence in Governance. This project will deliver the necessary improvements in the Council’s governance arrangements, performance and assurance areas, and ensure they become embedded in our organisational culture. Robust and effective governance will underpin robust and effective service delivery.    

Employer Accreditation   

This project will work towards securing employer accreditation in relation to promoting equality and diversity. We are aiming to improve the Council’s existing Investors In Young People accreditation through to “silver” and ultimately “gold” and will develop a young person’s strategy for the Council and a programme of apprenticeships, internships and work experience opportunities.  The Council will also participate in the pilot Equally Safe at Work Programme, taking steps to address gender inequality and prevent violence against women.    

Customer-Centric Accreditation   

The need to put the customer first is clearly outlined within the Target Operating Model: “We will offer a personalised, sensitive and proportionate approach throughout, whether initial access online or more in-depth support, ensuring our staff are highly trained and take personal responsibility to meet customer needs.” This project will cultivate a “Customer-Centric” environment, whereby staff are empowered through professional development to deliver excellent customer service. A Customer Service Accredited Framework will be aligned to a refreshed Customer Service Charter, now referred to as the We CARE Charter & Commitments.    

Leadership and Management Capability    

This project will create a framework which provides clarity about the skills, knowledge and behaviours expected of managers at all levels. It will also provide a basis for developing an appropriate support programme to develop these attributes. There will be scope for identifying potential leaders of the future as well as areas of in-house strength and untapped resource where managers could act as mentors. The project will improve trust in, and from, senior and line management, as well as improving quality and consistency.     

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