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CAPABILITY 4: Becoming intelligence led

  • Enterprise Architecture  
  • Master Data Management (MDM)    
  • Information and Data  
  • Outcome Based Performance Framework   

Enterprise Architecture    

The Target Operating Model (TOM) demands a Council structure that promotes a sense of enterprise and brings added value to the way we do business. The proposed Enterprise Architecture project will provide a key link between strategy, operational activity, and information and technology, providing a level of organisational understanding not currently available and so opening up opportunities for enterprise. All architecturally significant changes within the Council will be aligned to the TOM’s design and agreed outcomes.     

Master Data Management (MDM)    

A Master Data Management (MDM) hub will provide access to a definitive customer record that captures their requirements in a single place. The mastery of information that this project brings will help power the Digital Transformation required by the Target Operating Model, giving the Council confidence that data-driven decisions are right ones. A single view of business entities (including our customers) will also allow us to align data strategy, governance, standards and measures to our business objectives.    

Information and Data   

The project will enable the Council to transform its approach to decision-making by understanding patterns of behaviour and forecasting demand. There will be a consistent, integrated and transparent approach to generating, managing and analysing data, which will be quality assured, so the Council can have confidence when acting on the intelligence produced. The project aims to establish a multi-agency safeguarding hub, which would share information across partner agencies to ensure safeguarding activity and intervention is timely, proportionate and necessary for keeping children and vulnerable adults safe.    

Outcome Based Performance Framework 

The City’s refreshed Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP), informed by the Population Needs Assessment, will identify priority outcomes for communities along with planned interventions and key improvement measures. This project is creating a framework that links these City-wide outcomes, to the Council’s objectives and, ultimately to each individual member of staff.  By aligning the LOIP, the Council’s policy commitments, corporate and service plans, the transformation of the organisation to the Target Operating Model and employee Performance Review and Development, this framework ensures that the Council is taking a co-ordinated and consistent approach to strategic planning, the use of resources, and the scrutiny of performance and accountability.  

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