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CAPABILITY 5: Encouraging inclusiveness, engagement and collaboration

  • Activating Civic Engagement
  • Visible Leadership
  • Internal Communications Function
  • Urban Governance Leadership Model


Activating Civic Engagement    

This project will promote a culture of citizen collaboration and co-production, shared across partner organisations. It will identify groups to engage with on policy issues and develop a model that puts people at the heart of the democratic process. The Council must find a way to capture the views citizens – including children, the elderly, the disabled, the disadvantaged – and ensure all views are routinely heard as part of Council business and factored in to the design and delivery of services.     

Visible Leadership    

The Target Operating Model requires a style of leadership characterised by a commitment to purpose, trust, autonomy, relationships and leadership at all levels. The project will deliver increased visibility and accessibility of our recognised leaders, and stronger and more direct communication between senior managers and the workforce, leading to an increased sense of shared purpose – ultimately contributing to distributed leadership across the organisation. Successful delivery of the Target Operating Model by 2021 requires this kind of culture.    

Internal Communication Function    

A new approach will be taken to internal communications, adopting a digital-first ethos. This project will improve communication and engagement with Council employees by creating a new online channel/channels (utilising Office365) to serve as the main internal communication hub, replacing The Zone and the Ideas Hub. New digital platforms will enable fast, open and clear two-way communication in all locations with all employees, who will be better informed about how they can contribute to the Council’s purpose, culture and vision.    

Urban Governance Leadership Model    

This project will implement the new Urban Governance Leadership model as a modern, inclusive and collaborative approach to place leadership. The Council approved in principle the creation of coordinating structures that considered the economic performance of the city. These included an Infrastructure Group, Inclusive Economic Growth Group, Internationalisation Groups – Trade and Investment, Energy Hub, Smarter Aberdeen (Digital), Public Protection, and Water, Sewerage and Flood. Terms of reference are to be drawn up for each group to provide greater city-centric strategic leadership.    

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