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CAPABILITY 6: Achieving consolidation and consistency

  • Assets Business Case  
  • Holistic Approach to Localities  
  • Marischal College – Co-Location


Assets Business Case   

The Council’s land and buildings portfolio is diverse and currently may not best serve our goals or those of partners. This project will consider the wider public-sector estate on a regional basis and look for ways to bring services together under one roof, reducing our footprint, while consolidating service provision. It will promote closer integration with public sector partners with the potential to save on property or rental costs. Surplus sites and buildings could be sold or redeveloped.      

Holistic Approach to Localities 

This project will map the Council’s portfolio of buildings and demand at each, exploring opportunities for bringing complementary services together under the same roof and aligning our estate with that of public sector partners. The goal is to develop a co-located, integrated whole system approach to public service delivery that concentrates resource where it is needed most within city communities, meets local priorities and accelerates regeneration.    

Marischal College Co-Location   

The project will look at opportunities for co-locating with public sector partners in Marischal College, currently the Council’s corporate home. The potential exists to co-locate with Police Scotland and the Integration Joint Board, which oversees the Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership. Co-location should assist joint working, early intervention, communication and improved service delivery to returning clients. Opportunities also exist to provide better public signposting and to identify shared revenue savings.    

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